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This is what our students have to do in order to graduate (video)

Feb 17, 2021

Jump, crawl, kick! When a Montessori Sports environment is prepared following the Montessori principles, it enhances the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of children. Anyone - even someone without sports experience - can prepare a good sports environment. You just have to know how. That is why we want to give you a first look into the final assignment of our Fundamentals course. Watch the video above to see the prepared sports environments from a few of our first graduates. More videos coming soon!

In the Montessori Sports Fundamentals course we provide our students with the basic knowledge on how to integrate sports into Montessori environments across all planes of development and we prepare them to be able to do it themselves. This is done via recorded video lessons, questionnaires about the theory, and (self-)practice videos. The students have to complete all lessons and assignments before they can start with the final assignment, which determines whether they have the necessary skills to become a Montessori Sports graduate. This final assignment is twofold.

In the first part of the final assignment our students have to upload two videos in which they present Montessori Sports activities to a group of children or an individual child. As you can see in the video above, our students have to prepare and present two different prepared sports environments. In one environment the focus is on control of the body, the other environment is prepared to control an object. 

Despite the challenges our graduates from the video faced, often caused by the pandemic, they have shown great improvements over the course and in their ability to adapt their environment to the child's needs. Practice makes perfect, so we look forward to see what else they will create in the future!

In the second part of the final assignment the students have to connect the theory they learned in the course to their self-created Montessori Sports activities. In a paper they have to explain why their activities are aligned with the Montessori Sports principles.

After our students have completed the final assignment and filled in the evaluation form, one of our trainers checks whether the student understands and is able to apply our principles in the prepared sports environment. The trainer also provides feedback on the uploaded videos and the paper. If all is in order, our students graduate and receive the AMI accredited Montessori Sports certificate. Upon receiving the certificate, the graduates will be invited to attend a live graduation ceremony together with their peers. 

Have we sparked your interest? Do you also want to be able to prepare and present a good sports environment, following Montessori principles? Sign up for our course and learn to move, move to learn!

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