Montessori Sports Fund

We bring Montessori education to children in challenging environments, using the power of sports

What projects will MSF fund?

Schools/orphanages with the following requirements:

❑There is a big interest in sports.

❑There needs to be an already existing Montessori environment or the wish to implement this.

❑ There needs to be an existing Montessori infrastructure in the region/country.

❑The community consists of underprivileged children.

❑ There is clear evidence that the school/orphanage is not able to pay for the programme itself.

How does MSF projects look like?

Every project needs:

❑Infrastructure for Montessori training, school, sports, residential

❑Training of teachers and administrators

❑Materials for; school, sports and training


Our projects

Have a look at our past, current and future projects below.

Ananda, Oaxaca (Mexico)

Located in the small Sierra Sur de Oaxaca community of San Sebastián Rio Hondo, Ananda Learning Center serves the local indigenous community.

Orphanages, Thailand

Together with the affiliated society of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in Thailand, we have visited various orphanages that are eligible to be part of MSF.

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Who pays for MSF projects?

  • Every member of the Montessori Sports community donates 1 euro per month of their membership into the MSF
  • Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) donates 40% of the license fee they have with Montessori Sports into the MSF
  • Donors - just like you. We seek financial support from anyone who cares about children and wants all children to have an opportunity to thrive and learn. Every donation whether large or small is put to use to fulfill our Mission and Vision.

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