"Movement is an essential factor in intellectual growth"

Dr. Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood, p. 201

Learn how to integrate sports into your Montessori environment


Why Montessori and Sports?

More than 6 billion people in the world are interested in sports. It is universal in its appeal to children. Therefore, sports must be part of Montessori education.

Lack of movement is one of the biggest threats to health in modern societies. Technological developments contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is a serious threat to mental health and quality of life. 

Sport enhances the physical, emotional and spiritual development of children, provided that it is designed and maintained using Montessori principles.

"We know movement benefits the child's development and learning. We know the child was born to move. The AMI Montessori Sports course provides practical ways you can engage the child through movement, focusing particularly on the outdoor prepared environment which can sometimes be overlooked. This is a great course for AMI graduates (of all age groups), administrators, parents and anyone who wants to experience and build their confidence in the joy of movement!"


Amy Kirkham, AMI 3-6 Trainer

Strategic partner of AMI

Founded in 1929 by the pioneering scientist and educator, Maria Montessori, AMI is the globally recognised authority on Montessori education and research, applying authentic Montessori principles in education and humanitarian work.

After years of cooperation and successful pilots Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and Montessori Sports decided to establish a strategic partnership to embed sports into Montessori education and to establish a Montessori Sports Fund (MSF) to bring Montessori education to sports-loving under-resourced communities.

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Learn how to integrate sports into your Montessori environment

As a guide or parent

Learn how to prepare Montessori Sports environments, and to observe children in sports activities across all planes of development. Join our community.


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