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Montessori Football

Young children are intensely drawn to ball-shaped objects. The child can easily manipulate a ball, which helps to stimulate their development of movement, their will and increase their independence.

This ball (pictured left) has a diameter of 14 cm and is suitable for 3 – 6 age levels. The surface is slightly rough, for the purpose of providing traction and control to the child who will use it to throw, catch and kick.

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Ball pump

Before the 3 – 6 child can play with the ball, it needs to be inflated, as it will need to be deflated after playing with it.

This is a preliminary exercise which fulfills several aspects of practical life and sensorial development. It further stimulates/ cultivates a sense of responsibility for the material.  

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Montessori Sports Classified Card set

Download our first set of classified cards for free and start implementing sports in the children’s lives directly! 

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