Frequently Asked Questions

Montessori Sports Course

The average time to finish the course is 40 hours.

To become a member you must be either following to course, or you must have finished the course. Then, when you are in your library, you'll find a "Become a member"  block in the middle of the page. You can choose between an annual payment and a monthly payment option.

The maximum period in which you must finish this course is 1 year.

No, this course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the connections between Montessori and sports.

No, this course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the connections between Montessori and sports.

You can get a refund, if you cancel within 24 hours.

You understand the philosophical and practical connection between Montessori and Sports and can explain Montessori Sports principles to children, parents and peer teachers.

Understand the basic principles and methods for implementing sports in a Montessori environment.

Receive an official AMI accredited certificate.

You are not allowed to:

  1. Claim to be a teacher, assistant or guide in a (Montessori) classroom.
  2. Claim to be AMI trained.
  3. Train others in the Montessori Sports philosophy.
  4. Sell the certificate.

If you do not adhere to the above requirements you will receive a warning statement after which further measures will be taken.

Yes, you can follow the course in a group at the same time. However, there's only one possibility to make assignments and receive the certificate per account. For more certificates you will need more accounts.

Your official job title will not change after obtaining this certificate.

No, you cannot record the course.

You cannot share official course content with people who are not following the course. After finishing the course, you can share your understanding of the course content with anyone.

Once you completed the Fundamentals course you are allowed to follow up with the next course. This will be a Montessori Sports 3-6 course. Planning: 2021.

Yes, the fundamentals course is a prerequisite for following Montessori Sports courses.

Yes, you can pay the full amount in three monthly installments.

All the prices are in EUR.

Yes, once we offer the next course members will get a discount.

It's important to us that you know how to use the exercises in a safe and correct way. You'll learn this in the course. 

Yes, by becoming a member. This will continue your access to the course. In this way you still have a chance to finish the course and become a Montessori Sports graduate! We'll have a usual graduation call and you will receive a certificate. 


Montessori Sports Fundamentals Course

Leave your name and email below to pre-register for our 40-hour online Montessori Sports Fundamentals / AMI certificate course and receive a 10% discount coupon in your mail box.

Course fee: $297 USD  $267 USD